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are closing done shop. thanks for being with us. blog about tonight's show and any other issue. see you tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you tomorlove. you don't get fbn? >> demand it! >> yes. >> okay. hello, everyone, it's five o'clock on the east coast, and this is the five. i'm andrea tantaros along with bob beckel, judge andrew nap tan no, dana perino and greg gut felled. on the show tonight. could the election have a challenger to the incumbent one bernie sanders says he wants to see just that. and a democrat stepping up against president obama? we'll discuss it and how california's governor jerry brown hand out illegal immigrant students? and al gore climate hysteria is back and hitting the world of reality tv. hang on, all of that and more,
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"the five" starts right now. welcome to "the five". i'm andrea tantaros, let's start out talking about the drama from last night. i'm not talking about the bachelor season finale or the real house wives of new york reunion. i'm talking about the battle on capitol hill and the drama between two men john boehner and president obama that took place. listen to this back and forth. >> the only reason this balanced approach isn't on its way to becoming law right now is because a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach. >> i want you to know i made a sincere effort to work with the president and i'll tell you, i gave it my all. >> while republicans might like to see deeper cuts, there are still things we need to pay for as a country. >> the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. >> whoa. lots of drama there. all right.
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dana, i want to ask you, i think the american public has seen this back and forth, they're disgusted with what's happening and they want a deal already. based on last night. who wins or loses? because it looks to me right now like congress is leading and the president is just falling behind. >> well, i think it was-- i think the speech was ill-advised by the president. i don't think he should have given it, i think he should have waited until he gets some sort of deal or is a little closer and also to do it alone in the east room, with all the lights, that's actually more of a ceremonial place rather than the speech that he gave last night. in addition, he called for tax hikes that are not in either bill. and if he had wanted to have this done, he could have done it a long time ago. i felt watching it like it was watching an episode of the "the office" when you get the uncomfortable feeling of just like embarrassment for the situation. >> i think it's amazing that he stayed awake. and actually, it was-- >> early in the night. >> see we reemptied red eye for the speech and i was home and sat down, i guess about a
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16 minute speech. within five minutes it's better than-- i'm out and learned that president obama, everybody has criticism for, he's not a socialist, he's just boring, really boring. >> were you surprised he came out of the gate and blamed president bush? >> thats with a sad, pretty sad. >> i'm running out of metaphor, i was going to say it's like watching old people park. >> here is what, i'm against raising the debt limit under any circumstances, i think that monster government needs to be shrunk. the president could have put his arms around this problem, ala ronald reagan on bill clinton abo speech about bringing people together, but he didn't, he gave a campaign speech. >> to dana's points he doesn't have a deal. >> and his democratic leader in the senate. >> bob, let me ask you, it seems like it's just background noise at the white house between john boehner and
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harry reid, the boehner bill will vote on it, sent to the senate. amend the reid bill and send it back to the house and president signs it and it's law. >> first of all, i lost out on the bachelor show, more traumatic point for me. >> you were on the show? >> no, i knocked out early. >> and one day of episode of the bachelor. >> and i could make a couple of points, i didn't hear anything new out of boehner, i've listened to that republican tripe now i don't know how many years, but here what's ended up happening. obama made every effort and so did boehner, to get a big deal. now, boehner backed off my association to try and do it, but he did try to get a 4 trillion dollar deal and knew he couldn't get it from the caucus and by the way, obama couldn't get it from his. so, what they basically did, take it back where it belongs, which is in the congress. because this is the bill that's been voted on. >> it's going to end anyway,
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and it's going to end and they're agreeing, mandatory committee and it's going to be over and we'll talk about fun things. >> and i don't know if it'll get enough votes in the house of representatives. >> i do. >> this committee basically unconstitutionally removes from congress the ability to make decisions with respect to paying money. i'm saying unconstitutionally, the constitution says only the congress did far be it from me to challenge you go the constitution. >> paul ryan, has endorsed the republican plan and when he endorsed through the house of representatives, it gefs comfort they can go forward. >> also having worked in the house of representatives, the speaker is so smart. he's fot going to bring a bill to the floor. it's going to the rules committee, that he knows can't pass. he knows he's got the votes and i believe it will be close. >> he's got the votes, but if i could just, if i could just illuminate you on congress of
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politics. >> go right ahead. >> okay. be fine. there was something-- greg was very smart something he said. >> very rare that happens. >> and they've had something called the brac commission, libertarians say we shouldn't have that. >> nonsense-- >> congress couldn't decide what to do so they delegated away their power? >> that's why congress can't decide what to do with the sit. >> the constitution says only the congress can decide. >> i want to give greg credit here, who hates this thing. there is in both bills on both sides, calling for a mandatory committee that has to-- and it has to report by the end of the year and it's made of equal stuff, democrats and republicans and has an expedited vote within 30 days and no amendments and no filibuster which means finally if the committee comes up with something these guys will have to vote. >> the biggest difference in the bills, timing. john boehner wants to bring this, brac-like up or down vote, and a political problem
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for the democrats. harry reid and the democrats do not want to have another debt ceiling vote before the presidential election. >> what's so funny about that, president obama when he said we should do like ronald reagan, he want to put it out of the election year and ahead. and in the reagan administration they raised the debt limit an average of every 5.3 months. so a short-term limit is not unusual. >> well, another question, hold on, i want to listen, take a listen, harry reid who is saying now that the john boehner bill is going to be dead on arrival when it arrives in the senate. take a listen. >> speaker boehner's plan is not a compromise, it was written for the tea party, not the american people. democrats will not vote for it, democrats will not vote for it, democrats will not vote for it. it's dead on arrival in the senate. >> say it again. >> they're not going to vote for it. >> and the president is saying he will veto it and senator--
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>> president obama gave himself some wiggle room so that he can sign it. >> this deal is not written for the tea party. even lindsey graham is against this thing. >> judge, anything that's not written for the tea party bothers you, but this deal is in the two of those bills, of course his bill is not going to survive the senate and harry's is not going to survive the house. there be cuts in there and there will be the commission and agree on the commission. >> they will not agree on the commission, the courts will invalidate the commission. >> it will be and you and the tea party can take over-the-hill together. >> you buy the nonsense if we don't borrow more money we can't pay our bills and-- do i buy the nonsense? >> and that's what happens, balanced budget amendment doesn't get either one. >> that's ridiculous. >> really? >> i agree with you. the balanced budget amendment will have federal judges deciding how the money should be. >> the constitution does not
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authorize that. >> final question, and what are you going to do with all of your free time once this thing has been resolved? >> i honestly don't think it's going to get resolved and i think actually i might have died two years ago and i'm in hell and every day, they're going to be like this. >> name the committee. >> shoot me in the head committee. save me from suicide committee. >> i want to get it from you, just a few. >> finally the greg committee ends this, that's what it is, it will be done and the second vote will be small compared to the beg vote, which will be on-- >> we won't default. we can all agree we're not going to default. >> i know exactly what should happen. obama should mountains if you're not doing it, i'll do the 14th amendment. >> there's no authority for the president to borrow money on its own and who lend money to the united states. >> and the fighting continues during the commercial break. a lot more on "the five" as you can see, we're getting fired up including the possibility of seeing a democratic challenger to
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♪ >> okay. all right. good. look, just to finish up this debt thing. by the way, judge, we're going to have a chance to watch this again tonight on your show, right? >> at eight o'clock on the fox business network, all debt, debt ceiling. >> i'm going to be glued to it. and-- . glue? >> i just want to go a quick round. will there be an increase in the debt ceiling on august 2nd? yes or no? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> no, absolutely not. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay, good, judge, as usual, again, you were the judge and overrule everybody. look, it's been-- "the washington post" poll came out today and said that 33% of the poll shows that obama is hurting the economy.
2:15 am
now, 99% of those are republicans, but that means by my calculation, and i was a football player, but that means that 69%, or 67% think the republicans must be hurting or worse. >> you're a professional pollster, you know that that-- >> i want this to go down in history. dana perino, i want the tape, she just swore. >> no, she didn't. >> no, i most certainly did not. >> a hand gesture that was not seen on tv. >> i said you're a pollster, is that a bad thing? >> is the economy better now than two and a half years ago. >> absolutely. >> 9.2% unemployment? >> and if i were in the washington i'd think "the washington post" poll was pretty good. >> and thought that was low, i thought it was low. >> you think it's getting better, bob, i know you stopped drinking a long too many ago, you haven't started again? >> no, that-- >> maybe that with as a flashback, you think that
2:16 am
it's-- >> and you all say and the stimulus. >> i'm sake look at the economy and say, what would you have happened if you didn't spend this, depression? >> 4 trillion more debt than before he was president. >> let me scare you, barack obama is the latest economic president since franklin roosevelt? >> now he's definitely drinking again. >> that's the highest of insults, because the two of them believe, contrary to world history you're going to be prosperous by printing money and planting the economy from washington and they both were proved among. >> you didn't like franklin roosevelt. >> howdy dooedsy. >> and extended the depression by central planning, he didn't cure at election. >> when he gets in your face like that, scares the hell out of you. >> if the election were held today obama would lose. >> if the election was held against one of the governors, probably would, but not going to lose-- because the economy-- >> who is the best republican
2:17 am
candidates. >> who is the best? huntsman, will not get the nomination. my ticket personally is bachmann-palin and i want to contribute to it. >> why do you think that-- >> let's get to another important point, and you think it's an important point and our producers did. >> what's that. >> there's a potential run against president obama against the democratic party. do you believe that? >> i do not believe it will happen. >> no. >> you were there when teddy kennedy did it to jimmy carter, you have an interesting story. >> it will divert his energy and his time-- >> he completely controls the party infrastructure. the likelihood of that happening-- >> it harmed jimmy carter. >> it did. >> it hurt him a lot, but bernie sanders is a senator from vermont. your favorite senator who is a socialist has made this point, that he should have a challenger, we haven't had yet and perennially had ralph nader and ralph still driving
2:18 am
a corvette-- i mean, a corvair. and how are you going to raise money? >> the whole point of having a challenger is to make obama look more centrist. >> let's listen to what bernie sanders says. >> oh, all right. >> one of the reasons the president has been able to move so far to the right is that there is no primary opposition to him. and i think it would do this country a good deal of service if people started thinking about candidates out there to begin contrasting what is a progressive agenda as opposed to what obama is doing. >> all right. and he's aged. >> he's a bit of a loon for him to say the president has loved to the right. the president is to the left of harry reid. the president is right in the middle of the left wing of his party wanting to raise taxes on everybody that-- >>, but politically. >> a libbertainer. you're a libertarian and you used the word loon? >> yes. >> and to show that the left
2:19 am
wing is not energized. we agree on that, nowhere to go. we have independents that aren't going to show up. you have unenergized base and already his number is slipping with hispanics and women and that's why-- >> there are three people on this panel experience with campaigns and i of course had a lot more. we all know this, the economy is going to dominate this. a serious challenge by the republican, ronald reagan in 1976 against gerald ford, can hurt you. there will not be a serious run against him. as far as barack obama is concerned, he's got one big huge advantage and that is that he hasn't had a known national republican run against him. >> aren't you personally aware of liberal members of the house and the senate who are furious at the president? >> i had one of them call me a rotten dirty, blank. i'm not supposed to say this. and i called her up. >> they're angry at the president. >> and really? >> and you know, you two guys are libertarians and about the
2:20 am
only two things i can say ridiculous, you and-- never mind. i should end this? we have a lot more to get through this, stay with us, "the five" will be right back. really, libertarian. ♪ ♪ i started singing, bye, bye miss american pie ♪ ♪ drove my chevy to the hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call. i really could use some more life insurance. is it affordable? it costs less t that's pretty affordable, huh? less than 35 cents a day?
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♪ >> welcome back to "the five", let's talk obamacare, the government is about to start auditing state's insurance rates. that means the federal government of the united states of america is to go into ten states and audit the insurance company's, private insurance companies that have been regulated by the states above obama care. at the same time that's happening, we've learned that health care has gone up 9%
2:25 am
since obamacare was enacted. i thought the promise was that health caring with down, andrea tantaros. >> that's right. the reason we did this was to make costs go down and the reason for this is, one, hospital costs are going up. they're consolidating and forming semi monopolies and also think of all the provisions of obama care that's gone into effect immediately the annual lifetime cap provision, pre-existing condition. you have insurers that need to cover kids, 19 and under. >> oh, what a thought, covering kids. >> and these preventive services now that insurance companies have to provide. all because of obamacare. >> but you also have one in eight major employers, dana perino, saying, you know what, i don't think i have to provide health care anymore, let's let the government do it. we're going to get taxed for it anyway. >> right, that adds to the uncertainty, right? and you hear ceo's and financial officers of these companies saying that unwith of the reasons that we're not adding jobs that we're not sure what we're going to do health care-wise.
2:26 am
now, i think one of the things, i think it's unfair to blame it all on obama care, i think the health care costs are going up regardless and maybe improving on technologies, the system is broken. that's what president obama intended to try to fix, i just disagree with how-- >> do you think the president wanted a single payer all along and gave us this 2200 page monstrosity, the default would be-- >> chopped liver? >> the default position-- >> can i explain why they're going to audit these guys? because these insurance companies had nothing to do with obama's health care plan are ripping off the american people. >> that's absolutely-- >> i can't finish a sentence. >> will et him finish. >> let me finish. >> go ahead, beckel. before obama care was voted on in the state of california they increased rates by 40%. the insurance companies who insure medical care in this country, only, besides one of the groups, only one, they conclude with set prices. they are bad, they are
2:27 am
dangerous, they deserve to be audited and frankly, so-- >> go ahead, greg. >> the weird real truth about it, two years ago, people at the health care down halls, everyone was making fun of them, because they were angry, confused, worried. they all are sooth sayers, they were all right. >> no, they're not. >> yes, they were. >> and i'm going to give you a softball. why is there a wealth gap in this country? why is there a wealth gap. >> yes. >> pretty simple. >> why? >> because republicans have consistently rewarded white people at the top of the system. you always say to me you're in class warfare, 5% versus the rest, 95% and here is the difference. >> couldn't there be a wealth gap because the democrats have created a culture of dependency among half the population. >> here is one of the problems even though you're libertarian. >> half the population-- >> and thinks they know what the other president thinks. >> you're a pollster. >> poll after poll after poll, people are losing grounds.
2:28 am
hispanics are making 25% less against white people and blacks, god knows-- >> and wealthy and very, and the middle of the rest. >> and it's a disgrace. >> i'll give you my wallet later. i looked at that census data. one thing i didn't understand. they say that whites have 20 times the amount of wealth as blacks. looking at this, the stock investment wealth is 28% for whites, 19% for blacks and 15% for hispanics. that doesn't translate into wealth that's 20 times more. what does that mean? that means it's about equity in homes. all of this is going back to the real estate bubble, that it burst because these people, a lot of, unfortunately, a lot of americans got homes they weren't supposed to get and lost their money, right? >> do you think there's some racial and animus? >> no, i don't think they picked them out and said because you're black and hispanic or italian, that they would say that's the cut.
2:29 am
the fact is-- >> but they lent the money on the loans. would you let per reno answer. >> that's dana. >> i am the rodney dangerfield of the show, as simple as that. >> go ahead. >> i just want to mention for the president i worked for when he did the tax cut of 2001, i know you don't like, i know that. but it is a fact that he decreased taxes on that population, the poorer population from a 15% rate to a 10% rate. if people want to advocate the clinton rates and increasing taxes on low income people. a lot of hispanics and african-americans by 33%, be my guest, you don't think that's going to hurt the economy more? >> under this administration they've-- >> that's not a political thing. how is that political? >> and the stock portfolio. excuse me, blacks have 19%, and why mcdonald's, maybe--
2:30 am
>> why is. >> and goldman sachs with-- >> why is it that the bottom 47% of wage earners pay no taxes. >> because they're poor and you guys get the money and we made them poor. >> get out of here. >> koep on "the five" latest on the a.t.f. operation fast and furious and how high up the food chain did it go? did the attorney general know? did the president know? we'll be back. ♪ "the five."
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>> i'm still trying to defends myself i did not cuss. >> cuss. >> even nos' making me want to you now. >> 4-1. >> i love she said cuss. >> shouldn't cuss anymore. >> well, we're going to follow-up on a story we did yesterday. because we were talking about it a minute ago the sex scandal allegations against oregon congressman david wu. insisting as recently as yesterday, he would not resign. did he in fact submit his resignation, upon the dealing with the debt ceiling situation. and the 19-year-old daughter
2:36 am
of a friend and major donor. >> and disneyland has a winnie the pooh yeah i remember there and he said ongoing resolution of the debt ceiling debate. it's not going to happen. >> and almost got thrown out of disneyland, hanging on and get a picture with him, boom. >> and another democrat congressman. and something you're going to be important on, an update for our viewers on the fast and furious situation in the a.t.f. and whether or not there were suspected straw buyers who helped traffic guns from arizona to mexico. this is getting quite complicated and i want to listen quickly. let's go to the may 3rd hearing. >> right. >> where congressman, chairman issa asked attorney general eric holder whether or not he had known about this program. >> when did you if i remembers know about the program, officially, i believe, called fast and furious, to the best of your knowledge, what date?
2:37 am
>> i'm not sure of the exact date, but i probably heard about fast and furious the first time over the last few weeks. >> now there's a question whether or not the fbi actually about it. to me i smell a little bit of a rat. i don't know what's going on. judge, where do you think it's going. >> there are three or four issues here, one we know now the fast and furious, the program whereby federal a.t.f. agents permitted straw buyers, bad people with criminal records to buy guns and deliver them immediately to mexican gangs going on for at least a year. two is the fbi is supposed to assure us that bad people with criminal records do not buy what the public would call machine guns so did the fbi know about this? three is attorney general holder told a dinner gathering in 2009 about the fast and furious program, yet, he just said under oath to congressman issa that he learned about it a few months ago. >> and don't-- >> andrea, but he forgot. >> yes.
2:38 am
>> is there an explanation here? >> there isn't an explanation, but this administration should give an explanation. if they're not willing to give one then congressman darrell issa should subpoena eric holder and haul him up to the hill. francly, the administration has not explained, and one border agent. let me finish my point. it's outlandish that this administration would be arming mexican drug lords while at the same time they're chasing after legal gun owners in this country. imposing even more rules as recently as a couple of weeks ago. >> they have this army, mexican undercover guys for about 20 years. one of the reasons this happened, and the bush administration had its own program thats with a pretty good. eric holder was referring to that. number one. number two, the guns have gotten out of control. we know the number of people have been massacred on both sides of the border. the only way, and you know this, as well as i do, law enforcement uses undercover people to carry illegal guns
2:39 am
or drugs to other people to try to follow the trail. >> before we-- i think we should listen to one more thing from darrell issa, i think it's relevant to this part of the conversation if you could just roll that. >> how is it that the number two, three, four and justice all knew about this program, but the number one didn't? is it because he said don't tell me? is it because they knew what they were doing was wrong and they were protecting their boss or is it just that erik holder is so disconnected, whichever these two it is, he knew to congress. knew he wasn't doing his job, that really probably is for the administration. >> is he, there is that question. and greg, he think one of the things i wonder today. did we have too many different government bureaucracies, trying to deal with gun crime? >> yeah, and the a.t.f. is the least competent and probably the most unnecessary. i mean, alcohol, tobacco and firearms, my favorite things and i think they may -- i
2:40 am
don't think they -- if you legalize drugs maybe you wouldn't-- >> let meet say this on freedom watch tomorrow i'm having two a.t.f. agents who are the whistleblowers. they will say on the air they begged their superiors to stop this. these were not undercover people buying the guns. they were evil people a.t.f. knew they were buy the guns on monday and sell them to mexican gangs. >> bob, why do you look so bored. >> i'm not bored at all. i'm frustrated that we could get two, whatever we call these things to darrell issa who knows a lot about subpoenas because he almost went to jail and-- >> we're the only network covering the story, bob. >> no kidding. because we're sitting in front of guys like issa, and almost-- >> you don't think this hurts the president. >> of course it hurts the president, you know why? you're saying you can't prove and you're taking the word of
2:41 am
darrell issa over eric holder? >> he is dually elected chairman. >> dually elected chairman out of a scam automobile operation. >> is it a good thing for the government to allow these machine guns to get to the hands of the-- >> yes, if the idea was it follow them and find out where the source was and that's done all the time and you know it and i know it. >> and i think that the story is unravelling and as you say, greg, they haven't had to deal with it, the administration because they've been dealing with the debt ceiling. >> yes, it's been completely avoided because we have the other-- the irony it's the most pro gun control administration ever. going after people who cling to their guns and religion and here they are. >> bob mueller, a so-called confirmation hearing later this he can woo. at least they tried to get the finance ow of the hands of these guys. >> and we'll give bob the last word. and some banning certain websites, is that the banning of certain books?
2:42 am
make sure to e-mail us at the we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> and you could dance while sitting down, pretty impressive. >> incredible. >> and show you how to mambo. >> welcome back to "the five", what are we going to do with you? a recent usa today article compares filtering websites at schools to baook banning. they're noting some are having a special ban, and this is as serious as tether ball without a pole. like banning books, wherever there's a web and teenagers, there's going to be porn. it's about removing distractions, a lot more distractions a lot more fun than actual school.
2:47 am
when i was younger, i got nailed for sneaking in playboy, and i blamed it on bobby wagner, ended up in juvenile hall. sorry, bobby, that's the way it works and it's a vehicle for mayhem and stupid to use free speech as a shield for more sordid offerings and sure, the internet is everywhere, but a filter is just that, a filter. there might be times when educational sites get accidentally blocked, but hot and horny hand is not really educational unless you're a hand model of course and you should be fine especially if you send me photos. hey, judge, you've got to problem with filtering? >> i do. >> you have problems with everything. >> it's not that i have a problem it's that the constitution has had a problem with the government substituting its judgment with what anybody wants to read. it's to do with individual
2:48 am
responsibility. somebody shoots somebody, we'll take the guns away. somebody hits someone drunk driving. >> we'll take the booze away. it's personal responsibility, parental control, it's not the government telling people what to think. the whole purpose of the constitution was to allow individuals to decide what to read, not to replace their judgment. >> nobody's taking away their laptop and internet. all they're doing is filtering out stuff they should be looking at in class. >> don't you think these kids with make it around the filter. more problems than they solve. >> wouldn't it make it harder. >> if you were in school with the internet you wouldn't go to school you'd stay home with your laptop. the fact is if you have i'm sorry. >> you know the sites personally. >> i have a vague recollection. but these things-- about most of-- >> are they paying you, bob. >> no, they don't. i'm serious about this, most the money made on the web is made by pornography and
2:49 am
there's a way to filter these things out. if it means that-- i tell you, judge, you go through the internet and look at some of the stuff a and it's a disgrace and even made me blush. but that's not what they were trying to filter. >> and what the kids look at rather than the government. >> according to the original report which ran in the usa today that's not what they were trying to filter, trying to filter national geographic. >> that was accidental. still, really? a couple of the sites, map quest, sites that were not pornographic, before you know it, ends up on that list. >> the government that can't deliver the mail is going to decide what's in school. >> why do we say they can't deliver the mail? i don't have any problem. >> and 7 billion dollar a year deficit, the way they deliver it you're going to have to pay that. >> and national geographic, the reason is, national geographic when people couldn't get playboy they got national geographic to look at some tribes. >> this is why i have a dog
2:50 am
and not children because i wouldn't want to be in a position of having to try to like make sure my kids are protected. >> dana, your dog could be using the web. >> he doesn't have thumbs. but god knows what he's looking at when you're not home. >> the kids get plenty of time to look at all of this crap on the independent. it's not bad for them to focus on things that are not greg he is a favorite topic. >> do you worry about a government that restricts things in order to protect children and doesn't want adults to read? >> completely, completely. aen that was the point of my argument. national geographic, if we looked at our kids' geography scores that lately? they're not that high. starts with website as right wing websites and other-- >> it's a slippery slope. >> google is already-- >> do a porn search-- >> and women are topless, half, that's why they're looking at national geographic. >> half, where are you
2:51 am
travelling? >> half, when i work-- >> where bob travels they are topless. >> i still think it's a legitimate-- >> i think that school districts, if they're losing their kids to watching the stuff on tv, then, i mean, on the internet, then they're not learning anything. >> can they restrict the parents of letting kids watch it at home? >> yeah, i would think if the parents-- >> a school can tell the parents what to do at home? if i came home, my kid didn't realize, you can click the thing to see the sites shown. it was embarrassing for me. and so, some were my favorites, but it was not-- >> and your son found your sites, that's what happened. >> you found some new ones. >> i told you, here is the-- do you think it's okay to run these sites that sell escorts on a web page? >> i don't think the government should interfere with what we read. >> you guys, that's an important topic and we'll talk after the show. coming up, al gore's latest plan to push his global warming agenda.
2:52 am
stay with us, "the five" comes back next. ♪ service was very moving, wasn't it? yes, it was. i'm so glad we could be here for larry. at a time like this, friends and family matter most. even preparing this lunch is a help, emotionally and financially. mm, it's true. i was surprised to hear there was no life insurance. funerals are so expensive. i hope larry can afford it. i know. that's why i'm glad i got a policy through the colonial penn program. it gives me peace of mind to know i can help my family with some of those expenses. you know, i've been shopping for life insurance. do you think they have coverage for me, something that would fit into my budget? yes. you can get permanent coverage for less than 35 cents a day. if you're between 50 and 85,
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♪ >> welcome back to "the five" my favorite topic, al gore, he's back. >> back. >> he's back. launching 24 hours of reality. a live screen show that goes 24 hours, nonstop and it's going to highlight all of this environmental dangers. all the stuff that he loves to --. >> 24 hours? >> no, just him talking about something bad. >> you wonder why tipper did not want to be with him anymore. i think it's funny--
2:57 am
>> you are mean. >> not that mean, but i think it's funny because bob had a freudian slip and he called him al bore. >> you love al gore. >> i think he's one of the great americans. >> you did call him al bore. >> and would you watch his show? >> and where you promote the book, watch it 24. >> i have another show. >> nobody cares anymore. >> and your point about-- this book of' read it is one of the great books, it's called "muzzled, the assault on honest debate" and i'm subjected to on the other side and juan, it's terrific, everybody buy it. >> don't tell us-- >> i'm muzzled all the time here. i'm muzzled all the time. >> let's let bob speak. >> no, i'll be the pinata, you all get your-- >> and al gore. nobody cares? >> al gore wants to sell it and people want to buy it. >> his alarmism killed the
2:58 am
movement. nobody cares about global warming. >> nobody does, now it's called climate change. >> and the last 11 years and on the planet-- >> and it was warmer before then. >> and galileo. >> yeah. >> what is your-- >> a waiter. >> and the judge still buys into this. >> the warmest sense 1910 and that means it was actually warmer before that. it was warmer until 1910. i've got to move on the for those of you who missed the nascar race in nashville. i go know every one. the pastor added personal touches and he said he wanted to get someone's attention he did. >> thank you for gm technology, sunoco racing fuel and good year tires and bring performance and power to the track. lord, i want to to you for my smokin' hot wife tonight, lisa, my two children eli and
2:59 am
emma or as we like to call it little e. >> and lord, bless the drivers tonight and they put on a performance worthy of this race track. in jesus name, boogity boogity boogity, amen. >> well, i just-- (laughter) >> that boy is business of dogs on his front porch, but i want to join his church it was terrible he would put that on. >> that's wrong with that. >> thanking god for his smokin' hot wife. >> for those of us who talk to the lord, for him thanking sun sunoco and his smokin' hot wife. >> for using the lord's name-- >> that's it for us on the

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